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The Legend of Blackchurch

Or something along those lines...

lazarus blackchurch
3 July 1968
My New Fierce Bio!

I am the Cheesy Big Gay Goth Stylist Wizard from Hell in Bondage! Fear me for I shall style you like never before! *Raaawwwrrrrrrr*

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    absinthe, addams family, aikido, all things black, alternative faiths, anal sex, astroglide, batman tumbler, bdsm, bicycling, big black boots, biting, black, black clothing, black eyeliner, black lips, black nails, blackeyeliner, body modification, bondage, book of five rings, boots, breasts, buddha, butt plugs, caffeine, cats, cemeteries, cloaks, coffee, coffins, combat boots, comics, computers, corsets, counter culture, crows, curve, d.i.y., dancing, dark ambient, dark folk, darkwave, darth maul, daydreaming, dead can dance, death, dichotomies, dildos, do it yourself, dots, dykes on bikes, enlightenment, ethereal music, eyeliner, feminism, flogging, flying, gary numan, goth, goth societies, gothic fashion, goths, gsxr, hacking, hawaii, hawaiian aumakua, hearse, history, ideas, indian women, infrared film, japanese, japanese goth girls, japanese swords, jessica biel, kahuna, kamen raider, kendo, kikeida, kilts, kissing, knives, leather, lesbians, linux, makeup, mantras, masturbation, meditation, mens skirts, micronauts, miyamoto musashi, moonlight, motorcycles, multiculturalism, nerf guns, nightmare before christmas, oral sex, penetration, photography, piercing, power tools, projekt, qi gong, queers, rain, raven, ravens, robert mapplethorpe, romanticism, scars, sewing, sex, shaving, sith, skulls, snap on tools, soft ballet, spanking, star wars, star wars galaxies, storms, streetfighter, sunblock, sunscreen, suzuki motorcycles, sword fighting, taste of latex, tattooed goth girls, tattoos, the clitoris, the thing what squeaks, the tumbler, the way, transcendence, trip hop, twilight, vegetarians taste better, water, weight lifting, white tattoos, women, women of color, women who masturbate, zatoishi